Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Accusations Addendum & Starting Something New

I'm good at saying 3/4 of something and then thinking of what I left out sometime later. So, let me say that being wary of and checking out false accusations does not mean no accusations against Christian leaders will be true. They are still human beings, fallible, with weaknesses. Taking that thought a step further, what then? It's said that Christians are the one army that shoots rather than trying to heal its wounded. I think that's something worth working on! Christians need to be willing to work with - and this does happen, thank God! - leaders who have fallen, repented and want to work toward being restored to ministry.

The something new ... tonight is the first meeting of a new home group in our church ... at our home ... which we will be ... (eek!) ... leading. It's cool to read about the value of small groups in a church. Our church isn't unique in placing such an emphasis on small groups. Two of the books I recently re-read, Brethren Hang Loose and Brethren Hang Together were written about a church in Arizona that, starting in the late 60s, made small groups the core of their church. It's wonderful to have been in a functioning small group - thanks John, Sandy and the gang! Now, while it's not huge in the context of church history, we're going to lead a small group. We're excited, and just a bit awed, to be starting to serve God and His people in this new way. Since I've broached this topic online, I need to add: the "laundry" of our home group, "dirty" or "clean," will stay in the group and not appear here.

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