Tuesday, May 17, 2011

About Prayer Again

Echoing my post on May 4th ...

How well will I trust God in prayer for "big" things if I haven't learned to rely on Him for "little" things?

Prayer may or may not "change things" (you can really mentally pretzelate yourself if you think of that saying in light of God's omniscience!). But it certainly could and should change the one praying!

How would and should it change the way you pray if you really realized that God is your Father? Your Dad?

Are you more tempted to think of God as a vending machine? (“Welcome to God In A Box! May I take your order please?”) Or as unconcerned and aloof? (“Don't bother Me!”)
Relying on God in prayer isn't a "crutch", it's acknowledging a reality some try to pretend isn't.

Spouting aphorisms is easier than living the wisdom and truth in the aphorisms (is that an aphorism?).

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