Monday, May 2, 2011

Quickie Miscellany

Had a couple of interesting experiences this weekend. I've always hated shopping for clothes, pants especially. For whatever reason, growing up, my Mom always had me try on several pair that didn't fit before "discovering" some that did fit. Maybe she was trying to "teach" me something. Maybe she just wasn't being realistic. Anyway, Friday my wife brought home a pair that were a waist size smaller than the size that has been getting really baggy ... and they fit. I'm not used to it being that easy! Then, Saturday, we went to the store to get a couple more pair - the price was good and I do need more - and found that the next waist size smaller fit! Two waist sizes smaller than what I've been wearing!

Friday I also learned that I have lost >25 lbs. in the past couple months. I haven't been this side of 300 lbs. this century, possibly not since before my youngest was born!

A thought ... God didn't settle for working through imperfect, forgiven, human beings, he chose to work through us!

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