Thursday, June 16, 2011

Human Professions, God's Character

A friend's blog,, got me to thinking about how human professions can give us insight into God's character. She was commenting how farming is teaching her about how little she (we all!) controls. Yep, that's farming ... depending on the biological processes God pre-programmed into seeds and plants ... depending on the weather to water the seeds and plants ... depending on the sun to do its part in the process of photosynthesis ... depending on the weather to be right for growing and ripening plants.

Think about your professions, how they mirror aspects of God's character (or should) ...

An engineer designs things, and knows how those things should operate, how they should be used; God designed us, and knows what behaviors are healthy for us and for us to function in human society.

An artist lovingly creates, putting his or her personality into what is created.

A lawyer seeks and works toward truth and justice. As does a police officer.

A parent loves, nurtures and instructs their child as the child grows toward maturity.

Give some thought today about your profession, God's character and how you can better reflect that aspect of God's character that He wants to express through you.

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