Sunday, June 19, 2011

You Can Pay Me Now, or ...

Nearly 5 decades into the "Sexual Revolution", and nearly 4 decades post Roe vs. Wade, those glorious events have had pretty much every horrible effect on society that nay-saying, repressed, reactionary, theologically conservative Christians predicted, and a bit more. So, is this blog post going to be an, "I told you so," rant? Nah! What's the point of that?

It is time, in my opinion, for church and Christians in the US to recognize where society is at and where it is heading. Reversing that horrific decline is a worthwhile goal, but success in that is uncertain at best. Meanwhile, it is high time for the church and Christians to learn to deal with people as they are, bruised and battered by the marvels of modern society's victimless whatchamacallits. Jesus, Paul and the other New Testament writers spent little time lamenting the state of Roman society, and that truly was awful! They devoted their energies to reaching out to, bringing to redemption and the transforming of the people around them.

Modern Christians in the US have input and influence into how American society develops or devolves, something the early church did not have. Speaking to American society is worthwhile, but the redemption and transformation of individual people in society is paramount. We need to be prepared to work with those who chose "Later" in the, "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later," equation. Jesus came to fix broken people who know they are broken, not people who imagine themselves unbroken. They will come for repair, but are the church and Christian people ready to help society's broken people?

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  1. AMEN! Pete, you are a fantastic writer. Don't stop!