Monday, July 18, 2011

Back from our Oregonian Safari

We are back from our Oregonian Safari, and today I go back to work. Thanks Diane & Mark and Marjorie & Brad!!!

I'm working on a post or maybe a couple of posts about something that came up during our trip, but it isn't complete. Yeah, I talk a lot! Anyway, one thing to add to my previous post, concerning food and weight control/loss. I enjoy coffee beverages, for the flavor, not just the Vitamin C (aka caffeine). Straight up coffee basically doesn't have calories. But the milk and flavoring syrups do, and a 20 oz. latte with flavor syrup and whipped cream can be north of 400 calories. That's the equivalent of a small meal! I've come to the "brilliant conclusion" - I occasionally have a slightly less tenuous grasp of the obvious - that it is very easy to drink an extra "meal" without realizing it. Sigh ... one more thing to manage. But that's kind of the point ... does food control me? Or does God control me?

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